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Sulphurous acid

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Sulfurous acid

Use: disinfection, storage of foods and beverages.

Packing: 0.2 l / 0.3 l / 0.5 l / 1.0 l / 5.0 l / 10.0 l

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Sulfurous acid

Composition: 6% solution of sulfur dioxide in water.

Use: disinfection, storage of foods and beverages.

Packing: 0.2 l / 0.3 l / 0.5 l / 1.0 l / 5.0 l / 10.0 l

Advice and information:

Sulfurous acid is used as a disinfectant, for cleaning of vessels for wine and spirits, of vessels for foods and beverages and storage spaces.

It has a strong antibacterial action. It has a suppressive action on the development of bacteria, yeast, molds and fungi. It is added during harvest and the storage of grapes before processing, to stop or/and suppress unwanted development of microorganisms. During crushing it is added in doses from 1 to 2 g/l.

Sulfurous acid also is an antioxidant. It protects the grapes, fruit, juices, wine and fruit juices from the damaging action of oxygen. In this way protecting from browning and loss of the natural aromas of the drinks.

Sulfurous acid is highly volatile - with time it "flies out"  from the wine or interacts with its enemies - microorganisms and air. It is important to add it periodically.

To stop the process of pickling vegetables -  1 g/l for normal fermentations; 2 g/l if there is ropiness or gelling, then it is advisable to combine with potassium sorbate in doses from 0.05 g/l to 0.5 g/l.

For the storage of fruit / grapes - sprinkle on and around the storage vessels (baskets, barrels, cask or other).

During grape crushing - 1 g/l for healthy grapes; 1.5 g/l for moderately damaged grapes; 2 g/l for badly damaged and contaminated grapes.

After the end of alcoholic fermentation - 1 g/l for healthy wine with no problems; 1.5 g/l for wine that changes colour; 2 g/l for wine undergoing acetic fermentation / spoilage or prone to. 

During racking or wine transfers - 0.5 g/l 1 day before the operation.

Periodical additions - when the weather is warmer (above10-15°C), sulfurous acid easily "flies out" from the wine and it is necessary to at least once monthly add 0.5 g/l without stirring. for higher temperatures it is obligatory to move the wine somewhere cooler and to add a new dose of 0.7 g/l.

Safety precautions:

Sulfurous acid is found in many foods and beverages in one from or another.

The World Health Organization advises limited consumption of such foods and beverages with a maximum daily dose of sulfur based compounds 0.7 mg/kg weight.

Sulfurous acid is highly volatile, with strong pungent and suffocant smell.

DO NOT INHALE DIRECTLY! For people with asthma and people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, it is advised to keep a large distance and to avoid the use of such products without surveillance.

Use personal protective equipment - Wear a mask!

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